Alwynne Pritchard is a British artist, performer and composer based in Bergen, Norway. As well as keeping you updated with future and current events, audio and video from her past projects will be added. Watch this space!

“Her artistic personality matches her appearance. Somewhat wild, penetrating, somewhat threatening until the moment you see her smile and the passion that lives inside her comes out with softness and endearment. Some of her work is like that. Never simple, never obvious, never meaning just one thing.”
“She is not just an experimental or improvisational composer, she is a festival director, she is a writer – specialized in writing about music but also writing the musical-theatre pieces she directs. She is also trained as a singer and studied both piano and violin. And when we think that is enough, she will tell you that she constructs instruments from very diverse objects she finds and works with video. In each artistic gesture she engages with, there is this strength and a force of life that exults all of her being.”

- Claudia Galhós, Try Angle Performing Arts Laboratory Publication for Marseille-Provence City of Culture 2013