The University Museum of Bergen is an archive of histories, discoveries and speculations. It’s a chronicle of adventures, not only human and animal but also vegetable and mineral – and a place in which we’re invited to contemplate our past, present and future impact on this earth. It’s also a haunting refuge for shadows and reflections. Under the spell cast by this strange and beautiful place, Alwynne Pritchard composed ARK, a performance in poetry, music and song, created specially for Bergen’s ensemble Currentes. 

Alwynne Pritchard: text, music and voice. Jostein Gundersen: recorders. Ingvill Holter: voice. Kjetil Almenning: voice. Kjetil Almenning: voice. Ole Andre Farstad: guitars. Hans Knut Sveen: keyboards. Hans Lub: violin. Mikko Perkola: bass viol. Rebekka Kirsten Smith: reading. Photo: Andrius Šliažas