Photo albums

Heart og Glass, LCMF, London, 2019

Underground, Bergen, 2019

Underground, Lyon, 2019

The Trouble With Windmills, Ytre Arna, Bergen, 2018

Hospice Lazy, Bergen, 2018

Tectonics Festival, Tel Aviv, 2016

Fail Better, Beckett festival, Trondheim, 2017

Diverse vocal, physical and theatrical performances

Bastard Assignments, London, 2016

Hamlet Machine, Lyon, 2016

BIT20 Welcome Party, Bergen, 2015

The Art of Violin Playing, Bergen, 2015

DOG/GOD, Bergen, 2015

Hospice Lazy, Trondheim, 2014

Pusten danser, sangen min løper, Bergen, 2014

Underground, Bergen, 2014

Borealis Festival, 2009 – 2014

Bull’s Eye, Marseille, 2013

OBAMIX with Langham Research Centre, London, 2013

Philippine High School for the Arts, Los Banos, 2012

Dansens dag, Bergen, 2012

STIFF, Bergen, 2011

Myrtle + Kjetil Møster, Avgarde Concert Series, Bergen, 2011

Fig., Weep you no more sad fountains, Point B Worklodge, New York, 2011

Fig., Engastromyths, Quakers & Shamans, Bergen, 2011

Objects of Desire, ensemble recherche, Amsterdam, 2010

Don’t touch me, you don’t know
where I’ve been, installation version, Solstrand, 2009

Ear to Eye, London, 2009

Don’t touch me, you don’t know
where I’ve been, installation version, BEK, Bergen, 2008

FAT BATTERY, Basel, 2008

FAT BATTERY Summer School, Bergen, 2008

Education Project,
FAT BATTERY, Clavius Gymnasium, Bamberg, 2008

FAT BATTERY, Parkteatret, Oslo, 2007

FAT BATTERY, Avgarde, Bergen, 2006

Lydgalleriet paper instruments performance, Bergen, 2006

FAT BATTERY, Landmark, Bergen, 2005

EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO der Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung des SWR, Freiburg, 2005

Decoy at the Donaueschingen festival, 2004

Stills from film for Geometry of Pain II, 2003

USF Artist in Residence, Bergen, 2003